Krubera/Voronia Cave


The project started in 2012 with a successful descent to the bottom of Krubera-Voronia cave -2080 m called Game Over on 13th August by a team of three under
my leadership.

Mt. Everest / Himalayas

The same team is now preparing for the other part of
the project, the ascent of Mt. Everest in 2013.

Heaven and Hell

Project Heaven and Hell
The aim of the project Heaven and Hell is covering by
the members of our club the biggest altitude difference
on earth. This means a descent to the bottom of the
deepest cave Krubera-Voronia and an ascent of Mt.

No-one has ever reached both places before.
This project should prove versatility of Polish
Mountain Rescuers GOPR who can act in extreme
mountain and cave conditions.

Grzegorz MichaƂek
Polish MR Instructor
Project author